Boxes & bad news.

This month has been an unexpected rollercoaster.

On the plus side I secured a national distributor for our products, this is fantastic news because now I will be able to reach so many more outlets passively. All I need to do is come up with some encouraging advertising to go in the distributor magazine and hopefully the sales will flood, or even trickle in. Either will make me happy.

This distribution deal has made me realise that although the few products I have are packaged beautifully they do not have shelf display boxes. If they did it would encourage sales and make the products stand out more on the crowded shelves. The more I have thought about this the more of a bugbear it has become, people might notice that I’m not like all the other kids if I don’t dress the same. I set about finding out the costs and felt a little faint, it was only boxes after all. Then I did something unusual and got on the phone to ask my bank if I could have a little loan.

One of the reasons I haven’t asked for a loan before is that I always thought it was super tough for small business to get loans and I hate the idea of rejection. But on this surprising occasion I nearly fell of the chair as a very friendly woman said that although I couldn’t have the (purposefully overinflated requested amount) I could have an amount (which was actually exactly what I needed) and my loan was approved.

Shelf boxes display units are a go!!

The next day news came from a far distant shore telling me that someone close was in trouble and not trouble of the ordinary kind. Trouble of the wide eyed kind that makes you sit down because your legs have turned to jelly and trouble that dries your mouth making it impossible to talk, then anxiety kicks in with a massive adrenaline dump alongside panic, action must be taken immediately.

Unfortunately the aforementioned who was due to arrive home at the end of the week, is now far, far away locked up in an unknown foreign jail with no access to communication. As the location is remote and in this country foreigners are detained for minor offences for a minimum of two years, without any form of trial! Whats more the local consulate is unaware anything has happened, I don’t speak the language so taking action becomes, well you can imagine…challenging.

I don’t know where to begin. But I do know I am the phone-a-friend for this young silly boy so I must think fast.

First things first. Make a cup of tea.

Second. think of how to solve this fine mess.


No.14 on the list. Create blog.

I spend a lot of time writing lists of things to do. I spend a lot of time looking at the things I didn’t do, that will need bumping onto tomorrows list.

Then there are the entries that have been bumped so many times, and the world didn’t stop turning so I quickly delete them from the list. thus propelling me on.

I am jumping straight in here without the background preamble. For two reasons, one there are no readers of this blog at present and I am writing for me. Two, I don’t want to get distracted from this inspiration to write.

When you have an impulse to do something, it is scientifically  proven (by who I dont remember) that you have a gateway of action that is opened for five seconds. One…two…three…four…five. Then it is gone, if you haven’t acted on that impulse, chances are you wont. Ever.  Now that’s a lot of good ideas, inventions, world changing thoughts that will never see the light! Therefore this action to start an online journal needed to be done quick. We can catch up on the details later.

As the title of this blog suggests, I am an entrepreneur who cannot stop, no matter how many times I come up against obstacles, however many handgrenades are tossed at me. Because I love the dangling carrot, the thrill of the chase, the slow collection of success, the drama of temporary defeat and the game of thinking up new ways, improved strategies to get to the next checkpoint. The game never ends its how you play that counts.

I am in the early stages of building a global brand. This may sound impressive until I tell you that I have no money and I am starting at ground zero and all I have is my wit, my dream and the ability to tell my story and show others my dream, that they too will wish along with me for it to be real. The immense magical power of these combined thoughts brings these dreams to life. If I think it, then I can make it so.

Before you turn away thinking that I am probably insane, let me tell you a little more about how my story is progressing and what I have accomplished so far.

Without any investment and only a frugal student bursary I have built a stunning brand image, website and have a not to shabby social media following of over 60 thousand people. I have created a range of products that work beautifully with the world that we live in, that looks after the health of people and the environment. At present there is no plastic in our packaging because of the effects that plastic waste is having in our oceans. I will keep growing it bit by bit. Doing the best I can with what I have until I can give to everyone the choice of true ethical consumerism that has positive impacts on the world. The reverse of greedy plundering corporations killing the planet and dominating the choices that people currently have.

I am not formally trained in business, however the stuff I have independently learned vastly exceeds that of any university course, this has the benefit that I am able to think creatively about problems that I am faced with and adapt with sometimes radical and often unusual solutions.

My business name is not important. What is important is journalling how to create something good from adversity. After all as Shakespeare says; ‘What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet’ his reference used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are. Besides the blog title is the secret adventures of an entrepreneur and it wouldnt be very secret if I dropped my knickers and revealed all at the outset now would it!

The two animals I identify with are the humming bird and the bumblebee. One, a plucky thing with wings that beat 60 times a second and a heart beats a thousand times every 60 seconds.

small frequent actions to reach your dream
small frequent actions to reach your dream

The humming bird gets to her goal by taking small, tiny frequent actions over and over, doing the best she can whatever weather or foe she is faced with.

didnt read the memo to say he couldnt fly
didnt read the memo to say he couldnt fly

The other, who hasn’t heard the definition of physics that it is impossible for him to fly; so he fly’s anyway.